Room Lighting Upgrade


Retrofit your MRI room with LED lights. Using LED lights improves room appearance and functionality.

Use LED technology to improve the illumination of a room can change the appearance and functionality of it.
Tekemi warranty specialists electromagnetic shields.

We have 3 upgrade lighting solutions

Basic Upgrade

  • 6 white LED panels 24V 42W of 60cmx60cm for suspended ceiling
  • Power supply 24V 320W
  • 2 line filters 16Amps
  • Installation and certification
  • Consider to reuse existing electrical installation

Upgrade with Virtual Skylight

  • Basic upgrade plus
  • Round Virtual Skylight with choice of images
  • 4 white LED panels 24V 42W 60x60cm for virtual skylight
  • 2 line RF Filters 16Amps
  • Filter panel
  • Power supply 24V 320W
  • Installation
  • Cabling inside shielding

Full upgrade