Electromagnetic Shieldings


An electromagnetic shielding is a conductive layer installed inside a magnetic resonance room to prevent unwanted radio frequency signals inside the room. These signals can compromise the image quality of the system.

The shielding is built using a modular construction system made from wood beams and copper foil, allowing for last minute changes. This system is used for all walls, ceiling and oor. Additional special parts are provided to cover all penetrations such as doors, windows, air inlets and others. This electromagnetic shielding has different components and each one has to work according to stringent speci cations de ned by the system that goes in it


Doors are the most sensitive part of all the RF parts of a electromagnetic shielding. For this reason, it is very important to put special care on its functions and characteristics Also the door is the only moving part of an electromagnetic shielding and is the main source of acoustic noise leakage of the room.


Standard Size 1200mm x 2080mm Open Area
Floor level 15mm above  nished  oor
Electrical contact system Finger strips (copper beryllium)
Opening Force resistance 10kgs
Warranty 2 years (excluding  ngers)
Garantía 2 años (excluye fingers)
Frame Material Stainless Steel
Door Material Copper over Chipboard with acoustic materials
Door Switch Mechanical
Rw Standard Door 25db
Rw Acoustic Door 35db

Windows are key for visual contact between patient and technologist because it allows to control anxiety and to verify exam procedure in general. At the same time, windows have to comply with the requirements of the systems and to keep shielding integrity.

Standard Size (open area) 1350mm x 850mm
Available Size (Open area) Hasta 1500mm x 1000mm
y 2080 de alto
Electrical Connection Gaskets and screws
Warranty 2 years
Visibility index 67%
Frame Stainless Steel
Mesh Copper Mesh: 16
Acoustic characteristic Rw 40


  • Modular panels
  • Door
  • Window
  • Venting System
  • Electrical Installation and Lighting
  • Waveguides
  • Helium quench pipe
  • MR System specific interfaces