Testing and Certification Services


Tekemi has all equipment and trained staff to deliver testing services and certify sites related to MRI systems

  • Site Survey (EMI and vibration Testing)
  • Static Magnetic Field survey
  • Electromagnetic Attenuation
  • Electrical insulation
  • Acoustic insulation

Electromagnetic interference (low frequency)

Campos magnéticos de baja frecuencia
Sensitivity 10nT
Max 10^5 nT
Range 0.1-200Hz
Useful life 50.000 Hours


Sensitivity 0,1mm/s2
Max 10^4mm/s^2
Range 00.1-200Hz

Static magnetic field

Static magnetic fields
Sensitivity 10^-3 G
Max 100G
Range 0Hz


Sensitivity 1db
Max 130db
Range 0-20kHz

Electromagnetic Interference (High Frequency)

Electromagnetic Interference (High Frequency)
Sensitivity 0.1dbm
Max +20 a -130 dbm
Range 10Mhz – 130MHz

Electrical Insulation

Electrical Insulation
Sensitivity 10^5 Ohm
Max 10^9 Ohm
Range 1—