Base and Control Modules


One of the keys in any relaxed environment is the use of appropriate materials, the cleanness of the design and textures.

Tekemi provides solutions for all medical imaging rooms

  • Suspended Ceiling
  • Walls in Laminated Particleboard
  • Electrodissipative PVC Floor

Also in order to increase the level of control and variety of alternatives to the patient, Tekemi can integrate all modules to create special atmospheres using the entertainment system Control4.

With these system, depending on the selected modules, the room can be controlled from a central switch panel.

  • RGB Lighting Control
  • Video Control
  • Audio Control
  • Scenary Selection

Pressing a single button all room changes, lights, sound, colors and video.

Control Module

Control and programming infrastructure for enviornments, includes control panel, control equipment, programming, audio tracks, video tracks and light tracks.

Media Controller Control4 HC250
Media Center Kodi
Switch Panel Control4
Installation 2 Días
Training Included
Ambient Configuration 4 Environments Included (Audio, Video and light tracks)
MRI Compatibility Available

Suspended Ceiling Module

Suspended Ceiling includes tiles, tees and diffusers

Suspended Ceiling Acoustic Tiles 600mm x 600mm
Tees White Aluminum
Perimeter White Aluminum
MRI Compatibility Available
Aire Diffusers 4
Installation 2 days

Laminated Particleboard Wall Module

Wall finishing that include laminate finish, joints and frames

Material Particle Board
Finish White Laminate
Height 2800mm
Thickness 15mm
Joints Aluminum Profile with PVC cover
Light No
Warranty 2 years

Electrodissipative PVC Floor Module

Floor finish that includes vynil floor, glue, welding material and skirting

Floor type Homogeneus vynil floor
Brand Tarkett
Thickness 2mm
Fire B S1class
Dimensional Stability <0,4%
Static Discharge <2kV
Electrical Resistance <10^9 Ohm
Clean room class A Class
Presentation 20mt x 2mt (roll)
White aluminum skirting 120mm
Color Alternatives Yellow, blue, Grey