Lighting Modules


Tekemi has a wide variety of the LED elements for the hospital environments. This type of lighting can transform any room in a special environment that improve patient care.

Tekemi LED panels use pure white color temperature to mimic natural daylight. Also this panels are lightweight, slim and easy to install.

This solution enables to include indirect lighting directly on the perimeter of the suspended ceiling.

RGB LED Perimeter

Aluminum profile with double function, as suspended ceiling perimeter and color indirect light. Includes light, aluminum profile and transparent PVC cover. The color is selectable with light switch.

RGB LED Perimeter
Technology LED RGB
Protection IP65
Color Selectable
Profile white Aluminum
Cover White semi-transparent PC cover
Power 14W /mt 24VDC
Lifespan 50.000 Hours
Lighting 200 Lumen/m
Warranty 2 years

White LED Lights 42W

LED Panel lights for suspended ceiling, include panel, electrical installation and power supply.

White LED
Voltage 24V DC
Size 60cm x 60cm x 1cm
Output 40W per panel
ViLife Span 50.000 Hours
Warranty 2 years
Garantía 2 años
Garantía 2 años
Garantía 2 años