The overall quality and speed of a radiological exam and its associated service depends on many aspects, one of which is the environment where the exam takes place. A good atmosphere can greatly improve healthcare practice, while also improving the quality of service.

Tekemi offers different modules that can be combined to create a unique solution of a warm and relaxing environment and at the same time completely functional on radiology rooms.

This modules can be incorporated to a new or existing room including MRI rooms.

  • Independent modules that can be combined
  • Solutions: our most requested combinations
  • Bespoke solutions: All modules can be combined to create unique solutions

Proposed Solutions
Modules Ceiling Retrofit Nature Skylight Nature Mural Video Wall Full Space Full Multimedia
Base Suspended Ceiling X X X X X
Laminated Walls X X X
Vynil ED Floor X X
Control Module X
Lighting White LED 42W X X X X X
Perimeter RGB X X X X X
Fixed Image Acrylic Wall X
Round Skylight X X
Rectangular Skylight
XL Skylight
Multimedia Video Wall X X
Video Skylight
Audio X X
Furniture Drawers & Desk X
Closet X
Decorative RGB X
Curved Corners X